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This website is an attempt to organize the collective works of Ken Conklin. It will focus primarily on his work concerning Hawaiian Sovereignty, but hopefully will expand to include his other works. In mid-December 2005 further work on this webpage was suspended (including updates to collections of news reports), because of another major project that takes priority. Please visit Ken Conklin's original website, which continues to be updated, at:

Overview of the Sovereignty Issue for Newcomers

Historical Issues


Land Issues

Federal Recognition

For Lawyers and Law Students

The Business Community and Sovereignty

Ken Conklin's OHA Trustee Candidacy - 2000

Public Education for Ethnic Nation-Building in Hawai'i

The Akaka Bill

The Current Version of The Hawaiian Recognition Bill

Current Status of the Akaka Bill, Mid-November 2005

Akaka Bill Controversy Draws Congressional Attention to Illegal Native Hawaiian Entitlements

History of the Hawaiian Government Reorganization bill in the 109th Congress

History of The Akaka Bill October 2005

History of The Akaka Bill November - December 2005

NAGPRA Issues in Hawaii, 2005

Kamehameha Schools

Kamehameha Schools August 8 - December 2005

Arakaki v. Lingle aka Arakaki 2

Arakaki v. Lingle - Phase 1

Arakaki v. Lingle - Phase 2

Arakaki v. Lingle - Phase 3