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(c) Copyright 2002, Kenneth R. Conklin, Ph.D. All rights reserved

Everyone is entitled to an opinion on everything. But some opinions qualify as "expert" opinions.

This particular webpage deals with the overall purposes of education, voucher systems, the right to "special education" for children with handicaps, the history of education in Hawai'i, and the development of the charter school concept both nationally and in Hawai'i. Kenneth Conklin has a Ph.D. in philosophy and educational theory. For 13 years he taught courses in Philosophical, Historical, and Social Foundations of Education, ending as Associate Professor in the School of Education at Boston University where he taught school teachers, principals, superintendents, and professors. He published over 40 articles on these topics in scholarly journals. He also taught high school mathematics in a Boston suburb for 17 years, and thus is intimately familiar with the way public school systems operate and the way children learn.

This particular webpage also deals with Hawaiian language, Hawaiian culture, Hawaiian spirituality, the ethnic situation in Hawai'i, and whether racially-defined "Native Hawaiians" are entitled to political sovereignty or other special group rights. Kenneth Conklin has moderate fluency in several European languages and brought that to his study of Hawaiian language. He has lived in Hawai'i since 1992, and spent the first 6 of those years engaged in full-time study of Hawaiian history, culture, and language through courses, independent research, numerous conversations, hands-on experience, and attendance at hundreds of Hawaiian sovereignty meetings. He has published numerous items in the newspapers on these topics, and has been an expert panelist on radio and television programs. He ran for OHA trustee in November 2000, placing 4th out of 20 candidates for one seat with 18,115 votes. For details see http://www.angelfire.com/hi2/hawaiiansovereignty/ohacandidacy.html

Most important is a deep love of the land, the Hawaiian people, and the spirituality that permeates everything here. For further information about that, see About The Author.

Everyone is shaped by the circumstances of his birth, upbringing, education, and experience. We each see things from a unique perspective. Many will disagree with what is written here. Some will say it is mean-spirited, or demonstrates an ignorance of Hawaiian history or culture. Some will say nobody from outside can possibly understand the issues under discussion. But to the extent that anyone can bring expertise to bear on the topics discussed here, consider the qualifications provided above and judge whether they qualify these opinions as "expert." Consider who stands to gain money, land, and power; whose selfish interests are at stake.