Public Education for Ethnic Nation-Building in Hawai'i

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(a legislative bill to create a separate statewide school system for Native Hawaiians)

(c) Copyright 2002, Kenneth R. Conklin, Ph.D. All rights reserved


Education Transmits A Culture

Qualifications of The Author, Kenneth R. Conklin

Public Schools, Private Schools, Special Needs And Voucher Systems

The Hawai'i Public School System And The Start Of The Charter School Experiment In Hawai'i

Hawaiian Language Immersion Public Schools

Hawwaiian Language Immersion Schools As Vehicles For Cultural Indoctrination And Ethnic Nationalism

Some Bricks In A Wall Of Hawaiian Apartheid

The Establishment of Ethnic Hawaiian Charter Schools

The Proposal For A Separate Ethnic Hawaiian Tax Support "Public" School System

Kamehameha School Plans For Ethnic Nation-Building


It seems a fitting conclusion to quote the closing paragraph of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Rice v. Cayetano.

"When the culture and way of life of a people are all but engulfed by a history beyond their control, their sense of loss may extend down through generations; and their dismay may be shared by many members of the larger community. As the State of Hawaii attempts to address these realities, it must, as always, seek the political consensus that begins with a sense of shared purpose. One of the necessary beginning points is this principle: The Constitution of the United States, too, has become the heritage of all the citizens of Hawaii."